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Grand Season 5 Finale Episode 16: “Never Say Good-bye”

Previously on the Vampires in my Diaries

Caroline throws a Valentine’s Day Ball Party at her house where Silas and Qetsiyah show up. To everyone’s utter surprise, a bunch of vigilantes, who address themselves as ‘The Coven’,  invade the party and put down Silas and Qetsiyah through some spell and take them away with them.
Sheriff Forbes has been digging about the new visitor in Mystic Falls- Prof. Nicholas Blackthorne and she warns Damon against him.
Later, Nicholas is seen summoning his friends, a group of witches and tell them to start preparing for a war against the supernatural beings of Mystic Falls, beginning with the Witch Trials.

Will Mystic Falls survive this war?
Who is Prof. Nicholas Blackthorne?

To know more read further: Episode 16: “Never Say Good-bye”

There was something about this morning in Mystic Falls that sent chills down the spine. Like something evil was coming. A storm. A war that was going to claim more lives. And that after this storm would have passed over, nothing would be left.
Stefan, Damon and Elena were talking about the last night’s incident at the Valentine’s Day Ball party at the hall of Salvatore residence. Stefan stood near the fireplace. He wore his serious look. Damon sat comfortably on the couch holding a glass of scotch while Elena sat beside him with her eyes pinned to the floor. She was obediently listening to Stefan speak his heart.
“Elena, I was already leaving Mystic Falls when Silas... Silas dropped me into the bottom of the quarry. So what makes you think it’s you and Damon or your diabolical plans for Qetsiyah and Silas, that has made me decide about leaving Mystic Falls again? Look, may be you guys are right. May be Silas and Qetsiyah are gone from our lives for good. So what is the point of me staying in Mystic Falls anymore? Damon, you know the drill. Explain to her. You guys too will have to leave Mystic Falls soon before the people of this town begin noticing that we’re not aging a day for the past few years”
“Stefan, we know that, okay. And we understand it too. But, why are you leaving so soon? I mean I’m pretty sure that no one’s coming to sue you today in any court of law for not aging naturally? Why? Why do you have to leave right now?” Elena asked.
“Elena, you know that far too many people know our secrets now. Besides, now that the summer break’s over... college would serve as the best excuse for me... for us to leave town and-” Stefan couldn’t finish as Damon interrupted him.
“Come on, Stefan. Who’re you fooling with this speech about college thing. You’ve attended more colleges than I can count. Face the truth. Be a man. Tell her-”
“Whoa, what’s going on??” Elena was perplexed about the cold war going on between the Salvatore brothers.
“Fine. I’ll tell her”, began Damon, “Look, Elena... Stefan and I had had a rational, though totally weird deal long ago. We decided that between the two of us, whoever you choose as the love of your life, the other brother would leave Mystic Falls”
“What?? Are you guys crazy? No, no... I mean what kind of stupid deal is that?? And why?? Stefan, no. You don’t have to leave Mystic Falls. Not on my account. Christ, not on anyone’s account! And especially, not because of some stupid deal. Mystic Falls is your home”  
“My only reason for coming back to Mystic Falls was you, Elena. And now, I don’t have a reason to stay-” There was an awkward silence for a couple of minutes as none knew what more to say. Damon’s phone crackled to life and the awkwardness ended. He picked it up.
“Hey, Liz. What made you call so early in the morning?”
“Damon, you’re not gonna believe what I’m about to tell you. I mean about our new visitor to Mystic Falls?” Elizabeth spoke from the other end of the phone.
“You mean, the post- Shane, new creepy Professor guy?”
“Yes, I’m talking about Professor Nicholas Blackthorne. Damon, he’s not new to this town. He belongs to one of the founding families of Mystic Falls and here’s where it gets interesting. He’s Bonnie’s...” Elizabeth couldn’t finish as suddenly the call got disconnected.
“Hello?? Liz?? You there? Liz??” Damon was left perplexed to make assumptions on his own. About what Elizabeth Forbes was about to say and why the call was suddenly disconnected. He dialled Sheriff Forbes number again but only to hear long beeping. He tried to reach her cell-phone. It reported switched off.
“What’s wrong, Damon?” Stefan asked.
“Well if you ask me, I would say- you just got a reason to stay in Mystic Falls, brother

Back at Elizabeth’s house, someone had cut the telephone cable. She was about to look around when all of a sudden she heard the glass at her front door shatter into pieces. Replacing the telephone receiver, she swiftly moved out of her bedroom and headed toward the front door, holding her pistol in her hand. She looked around, aiming the gun in air. There was no one. She looked at the front door. The door was wide open. The glasses were completely shattered and it was apparent that someone must have tried to seek a forced entry into the Forbes residence. But who??
Suddenly, she felt a needle piercing her back. She turned to look, who shot it. All she could see before going into oblivion, was a masked man who wrapped a black cloth over his face just leaving the eyes. He was dressed exactly like the men the previous night, who declared themselves the coven. Except that he carried no bows and arrows. After Elizabeth was unconscious, the man checked her pulse. It was feeble but she was alive. The man slowly removed his mask from over his face.
“Now, I can’t let anyone tell my secret, can I??” Prof. Nicholas smiled wickedly.  Next, he opened a can of gasoline and began sprinkling the fuel around the house. When he was done, he lit a matchstick and threw it on the curtains and they rapidly caught fire.

Back at the founder’s council, Mayor Rudy Hopkins was presiding over a meeting.
“Mr. Mayor”, Agatha Fell began, “where are we with the last night invasion at Sheriff Forbes’ house? How could you let it happen?? A dozen masked men, barging into a Sheriff’s house just like that?? They terrified half of the young children of this town. Our children. Christ, my daughter was shivering with fear when she got home. All night, my poor child... she couldn’t sleep”
“Mrs. Fell, I know about what happened last night. For your information, my daughter and her friends were there too when the incident happened. I’m looking into it. I’ve asked Sheriff Forbes to...”, Rudy couldn’t finish as another man interrupted him.
“God, you’ve got to be kidding me!” scoffed Edward Whitmore, “You asked Sheriff Forbes to what?? Submit her report on the incident?? Can’t you see, Mr. Mayor?? Sheriff Forbes is no longer in capacity to protect us anymore. When she can’t look after her own residence’s security, how could you expect her to keep the entire town safe?? Ladies and gentlemen, what do you have to say in the matter?”
“We agree. We agree. We want a new Sheriff”, chorused the members of the council.
“And so do we”, said a man as he barged into the room. Soon ten others followed him.
 “We’re the coven”, began the young man who led the others, “and we too are of the opinion that this town needs some serious replacements in all the departments. Every office in Mystic Falls has either been compromised or infiltrated. And by that, I even mean about this council”
“How did you people get in? Security?? Security??” Rudy Hopkins shouted with all his might.  
“Relax, Mr. Mayor. The securities have been put to sleep. Only temporarily. Now coming back to the replacements thing, what do you all say shouldn’t we begin with the mayor of this town??”

Katherine Pierce was all set to leave Mystic Falls. For good. She got a second chance. A new life. Though, a boring, mortal, human life. She did not turn back into a vampire. Stefan’s blood helped her. But only to heal from her earlier asthma-like attack when she almost died of suffocating. She wasn’t dead but she wasn’t even a vampire again and somehow Klaus’ compulsion had now worn off magically.
She put her baggage inside the back of her car and was about to reach for the driver’s seat, when a woman stood in front of her car. The woman was slim and was dressed in jeans and a leather jacket.
“Elena Gilbert?” the woman asked Katherine.
“Who’re you?? What do you want??”
“Wrong answer”, said the woman and emptied a bottle of vervain on Katherine face.
“What the...”
“Oh, so you’re Katherine Pierce. Never mind. Doppelgangers are on our hit list too”
“Wait, what??” Before Katherine could understand what the woman meant, the woman craftily hit near Katherine’s carotid veins and she went straight into oblivion.

Caroline entered the Salvatore mansion and everybody rushed to her.
“Caroline, are you okay?? Where... where are you coming from?” Elena asked her worriedly.
“Yeah. I’m fine, Elena. Why?? What’s wrong?”
“Your mother called us five minutes ago from your residence and all of a sudden the call was disconnected somehow” explained Stefan.
“And now, we can’t reach Sheriff Forbes. Her cell phone too reports being switched off. We were just leaving for your place” said Elena.
“Oh, my God! Mom?? No, no. I shouldn’t have left home. Especially, after what happened last night. Oh, my God! What do I do now??” Caroline was turning hysteric.
“Caroline, everything’s gonna be okay. We’ll figure something out. Your mom will be fine”, condoled Elena.
“We should summon the witch. Caroline, where’s Bonnie? She stayed at your home last night, didn’t she?”
“Yeah. But, she left for her home early this morning”
Damon, Elena and Stefan looked at each other’s faces. The same thought gripped all the three of them at the same time- Is Bonnie safe?
“I’m gonna call, Bonnie”, said Elena and was about to dial her number when her cell-phone began ringing. It was Abby Bennett calling.
“Hello, Miss Bennett. How are you?” Elena spoke over the phone.
“Hello, Elena. Where... where’s Bonnie?? Is she with you??” Abby was sounding hysteric on the phone.
“No, no, Miss Bennett. Didn’t she reach home yet?? But she left hours ago?”
“Elena, i’m... I’m very worried. Especially, after watching the news on TV this morning”
“Wait, what news?”
“Just turn on your TV, Elena. It’s all over the news. I’m gonna go look around. Tell me if you find out anything about her or Rudy” She hung up before Elena could ask her what she meant by ‘about her and Rudy’.
“So now Bonnie’s missing?? It’s only morning now. I’m just worried what the day holds for us”, said Damon concernedly.
“The news. Stefan, could you please turn on the TV” They moved to the TV in the hall and turned it on.
The CBN news reporter was saying,
Early this morning, eleven masked men invaded this building. And now all the twenty members of the Founder’s council including Mayor Rudy Hopkins have gone missing. The security guards said that when they tried to stop the invaders, the masked men mumbled something in unison, what appeared to be some spell in Latin and minutes later, they fell unconscious.
Last night, a similar incident happened at Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes’ residence when about a dozen people invaded a celebration and abducted a man and a woman. The two abductees are yet to be identified.
Earlier this morning, when we tried to reach Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes at her residence, we found her entire house was burnt to the ground. We didn’t find any dead bodies, so it suggests that both Sheriff Forbes and her daughter are safe. But, we haven’t yet been able to locate where Sheriff is. Is she too missing just like the members of the Founder’s Council?
“Oh, my God! Oh, my God! Mom... no, no”, Caroline was terrorised by the incident. Elena hugged her.
“Who would do all this?” wondered Stefan.
“My guess is the creepy Professor Blackthorne. Sheriff Forbes was digging about him and was about to tell me something when her call got disconnected”, said Damon.
The news on the TV continued,
These mass disappearances of the important personalities of Mystic Falls have terrified the common people of this town. And.. wait, we are getting some news about this gang of masked men who call themselves, the coven. We are taking you straight to our correspondent Sharon, who’s covering the leader of the coven while he addresses the media for the first time.

Next, the camera footage showed a young masked man addressing the media.
“We are the coven, he began, “the True Blood Witches... the purest of our bloodlines and we’re here to save Mystic Falls. Many of you must believe that Vampires, Werewolves, Witches are not real. That they are only a mad man’s imagination and some author’s fantasies. That they are myths. But your beliefs are about to change. Mystic Falls is infested with all these supernatural creatures for centuries now and the Founder’s Council along with the police department have kept this truth from you... the very people  of Mystic Falls. Lying to you at your faces for centuries. All the body counts, all the murders, mutilations, killings covered up under animal attacks. We’re here to drop this veil and show you the truth behind lies. All those responsible for this, will be tried in an open court. The People’s Court. You will decide what punishment best suits these traitors”

Damon, Elena, Stefan and Caroline were all shocked by what they were watching on the TV... a LIVE Telecast of their upcoming demise.
“They know about us”, guessed Caroline.
“No, Caroline. They only know about the vampires in this town. They do not know about their identities”
“We have to stop them before they find out about us”, Elena said.
“Yes, but first we have to..”, Damon couldn’t finish as they heard some sound around their front door. At once, they all rushed to see what it was. The door was wide open but they couldn’t find anyone. Seconds later, a number of wooden stakes were fired out of bows, at them. Before, they could defend themselves, Damon and Stefan were hit by the stakes and they instantaneously fell to the ground. Blood flowed from their bodies.
“Damon, Stefan”, Caroline and Elena cried out together.
Minutes later, the two Salvatore brothers fell unconscious. It was like the wooden stakes were laced with vervain. Besides, the stakes were craftily carved like they had also been spelled.
What came next, was even worse and unpredictable. A number of wooden arrows were fired again. It was like the arrows were coming from everywhere. Clearly, the archers were very well trained. This time, the arrows  set fire. The large curtains caught fire first, followed by the wooden furnishings and moments later, the fire began spreading all over the Salvatore residence. Engulfing every part of this old boarding house.   
“Elena, come on. We have to go. Right now. Before this entire house burns down to the ground with us inside of it”
“But what about Stefan and Damon, we can’t leave them here?” spoke Elena. She was in shock.
“Yes, help me. We have to take them somewhere safe”, said Caroline as she began dragging Stefan by his legs.

Back in the mayor’s house, Abby Bennett rushed to her bedroom and hurriedly opened her closet. She hastily searched through her clothes until she found what she was looking for. A large, old, thick book, her grimoire. Next, she moved to the chest of drawers beside her bed. She threw away all the things inside it until she found the small wooden box. She opened it and took out the cure.
Just then, Lucy entered the room.
“Abby, what are you doing?” she asked worriedly.
“I have to save them, Lucy. They are my family. But for that, I need my powers back. I have to be a witch again”, Abby had tears in her eyes as she spoke.
“I’ll help you, Abby. We’ll save them. Together”, promised Lucy. Next, Abby opened the bottle and drank the cherry-colored cure to immortality.
“Ughhh... aghhhh”, Abby cried of pain. Lucy rushed to help her. Abby fell to the ground, unconscious.

Back in his bedroom, Nicholas Blackthorne was talking to an old photograph. It was a picture of a younger him and young Shiela together. Shiela was holding an infant in her hands, the baby Abby Bennett.
“You answered for your sins, Shiela. Now, it’s time for your daughter and her daughter to answer for theirs”, saying so he kept the photograph back on the table.   He then looked at the unconscious body of a girl, lying on the floor.
“Bonnie, I’m your old grandfather. I wish I could say that it was nice meeting you”, he looked at her with contempt and hatred the same way he looked at most other witches.

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Episode 15: “Games Of Blackthorne”

Previously on the Vampires in my Diaries

Silas has taken the cure. Caroline has thrown a Valentine’s Day Ball party and a surprise birthday party for Bonnie at her home.
To everyone’s surprise, Damon and Elena call Qetsiyah and Silas to this party.
There is a new visitor in Mystic Falls- Prof. Nicholas Blackthorne. He somehow knows about the witches from Haiti. Sheriff Forbes is apprehensive of him.
Later we learn that Joshua Garfield was working for Prof. Blackthorne who is also a witch but he hates witches.

Who is Prof. Nicholas Blackthorne and why has he come to Mystic Falls?
What will happen when Silas and Qetsiyah meet after two thousand years?

To know more read: Episode 15: “Games Of Blackthorne”

Elena and Damon were dancing to the soft tune that was being played at the ball.
“Damon, do you think we did the right thing by not telling Stefan about this... about this Silas-Qetsiyah invitation? I mean we could have just-” Elena was getting cold-feet about Stefan’s reaction to her and Damon’s plan of bringing the two thousand year old love-birds together to seek their grudge on each other.
“Oh my dear Elena, you don’t have to worry about my baby brother. I’ll take care of him” replied Damon dropping a gentle kiss on Elena’s cheek.
Just then, Stefan and Caroline came in there.
“Damon”, began Stefan, “I’m guessing inviting Silas and Qetsiyah to the party was one of your diabolical plans??”
“Yup. I thought it was past time for this two thousand year old never-together couple to have their vengeance on each other without us getting in the middle of it all” replied Damon in his usual sadistic manner.
“Stefan, please understand what Damon is trying to say here. Don’t you think we’ve all suffered enough at the hands of Silas. Let’s not get caught up in the cross-fire between two of the most powerful witches of all times and end up losing something or someone that is dear to us-”
“I promised... we promised Silas that we’ll help him die a peaceful death. And by we, I mean I and Bonnie. Bonnie has promised Silas’ mother that she’ll do everything to prevent Silas die mercilessly at the hands of Qetsiyah. It’s not just about my word, Elena. It’s also about Bonnie’s. How do you think she would feel if she comes to know about what you two are up to??”  Stefan replied calmly looking into Elena’s eyes.

Bonnie and Jeremy stopped dancing as Bonnie caught the glimpse of Qetsiyah at the party.
“What is she doing here?” Bonnie was taken aback. Jeremy turned to look. They walked to Qetsiyah who was standing at the corner, pouring herself a drink of champagne from the table.
“How the hell did you get here?” Bonnie asked Qetsiyah.
“Oh, Bonnie... hello to you too! Now that’s a very rude way of talking to a guest like that... even for this modern century-”  
“You’re no guest, Qetsiyah. I don’t think anybody invited you”
 “Well, technically you are right. I invited myself but I had every reason to. I did a locator spell to find where Silas is. At first, I couldn’t find any clue. But then, suddenly this evening my spell began working. I followed it and here I am and look... there stands Silas. I am going to go greet him-” Qetsiyah began leaving but Bonnie held her hand.
“Qetsiyah, you will not do anything here. I don’t want innocent people get hurt while you two are settling your old scores”
“I do not want that either, Bonnie. Now, if you are done the lady has chores for the evening”, saying so Qetsiyah threw Bonnie’s hand away and swiftly moved through the crowd of passionately dancing and smiling couples.  

At midnight, the door bell sounded at Bonnie’s house. The mayor, Rudy Hopkins answered it.
“Hey Abby, such a pleasant surprise! Please come in-” Rudy invited Bonnie’s mother inside the house.
“I’m sorry, Rudy. I should have called you before coming”
“Oh, no, no. You’re always welcome here. You can come here any time you want. This is your home too. We built it together, remember?”
“Of course, I remember. Is Bonnie asleep??”
“Ah, no. She’s at Caroline’s actually. She threw Bonnie a little birthday party. But the party must be over, she must be on her way back home. You go upstairs. I’ll fetch your stuffs from the car”. Abby Bennett handed over her the car keys.
“Thanks, Rudy. Don’t tell Bonnie that I’m here when she comes. I wanna surprise her”
“Alright, I won’t tell her”, he smiled to which Abby smiled back.

Prof. Nicholas Blackthorne was addressing a group of people back in the hallway of his home. There were about a dozen people in the room. There were nine men all of whom had athletic built and two women who were also slim and fit.
“So this is your home??” one of the man with dark skin asked Nicholas.
“As a matter of fact, it is, Daniel-” he replied.
“You used to live here?? In Mystic Falls?” the boyish-looking man spoke this time.
“Yes, I used to. But that was a long time ago-”
There were murmurs inside the room. Nicholas waited for the voices to subside before he began speaking again.
“Brothers and sisters, we are not here tonight to discuss my past life at Mystic Falls... who I was. It’s more important for you to understand who I am now. I am one of you and we’re all here for the same reason. First of all, I want to thank you all for joining me. Many more will be joining us soon. Now... we’ve all lost someone to supernatural beings... to witches and their nasty spells, mutilated by vampires and werewolves. Now it’s time for a little payback”
After a pause, he continued,
“Mystic Falls has been home to witches for centuries now. It is infested with all the supernatural creatures- vampires, werewolves, doppelgangers and a special breed of vampire-werewolf mix, popularly known as hybrids. And for centuries now, the witches have been helping them survive, helping them thrive. Since the humans have failed in their attempt to save this town from them, we’re here for their redemption”
“And how are we supposed to do that, Prof. Blackthorne? We don’t even know how to differentiate the supernatural beings from humans of this town. They’ve blended so perfectly in the crowd. I mean, the vampires of this town, for instance, walk in broad daylight owing to their magical daylight rings. The werewolves are inexplicably immune to silver and hybrids, we haven’t come across anything of their kind ever in life. God knows how powerful they are! How does one fight them all at once??” said the other lady this time. She was a tall blonde, in her early thirties.
“Yes, Olivia. You have made a very good point. But the answer to that is we won’t fight them all at once. For years, these supernatural creatures have co-existed in Mystic Falls... and to my surprise, they’ve all lived in peace. I mean, Vampires and Werewolves... they are meant to loathe each other and witches are meant to kill them all or at least keep them in check but it seems that they have been failing in their tasks... the very task for which purpose they were incarnated. They have failed to keep the balance of nature. Now, it’s time they answered for their sins-”

At the Mystic Falls General Hospital, patient no- 1196, who had been laying unconsciousness for a very long time, woke up.
“Huh”, Katherine Pierce sprang back to life. She looked around. There was no one to be found. It was night and her room was dark. All the lights had been switched off.
“What happened to me?? How am I even alive??” she wondered.  She quietly got up from the bed, dressed herself in her old clothes which she found in the cabinet provided on the bedside table. Very carefully, she sneaked out of the hospital.

“Well, well. Isn’t this the man who broke my heart thousands of years ago??” Qetsiyah spoke sarcastically as she stood beside Silas who had been sipping wine from a glass.
“Qetsiyah!! Just the woman, I didn’t wish to see. What are you doing here??”
“Would you believe if I said I am here for you??” Qetsiyah smiled.
Just then, a group of eleven masked men barged into the hallway. They were armed with bows and arrows. One of them walked to the centre of the hall and shouted with all his might.
“Stop the music. And I need everyone to pay attention. We are not going to hurt you. We are the coven. I need two-“, the masked man stopped at the sight of Silas and Qetsiyah who had been taken by surprise at the sudden turn of events.
“There they are”, he spoke to himself.
He began chanting a spell aloud:

Phasmantos virra nas-as dilum
Phasmantos virra nas-as dilum

Soon, the other men from the coven joined him. For some time nothing happened, but soon Qetsiyah and Silas fell to their knees and minutes later they fell unconscious. The men stopped chanting the spell and before anyone could understand what was going on, the men took away Silas and Qetsiyah with them; two strongly built men carried the two witches on their shoulders.
  “What just happened??” said Caroline.
“I’m guessing our problem just got solved”, replied Damon.
“Or we’ve got some new problem to deal with”, guessed Stefan. Elena remained speechless. Bonnie and Jeremy couldn’t understand anything.

Back at her home, Abby Bennett took out a parcel from her bag. She undo the package and opened the wrap to find a small wooden box and a hand-written letter. She began re-reading the content of the letter:

Dear Ms. Bennett

I know I should be giving this to you in person. But, I couldn’t wait.

I will soon meet you. I hope you take it. The rest of us have decided against it. Trust me, we had our chances and we’re all better off without it J Besides, you deserve it more than anyone of us.

Hope to see you soon in Mystic Falls!

Elena Gilbert

Abby Bennett put down the letter and opened up the small wooden box. It contained the small glass-tube filled with cherry-colored liquid. It was the cure to immortality, the second sample that Queen Andrea had given to Bonnie and that was meant for Elena. Abby replaced the cure back in the box, and put the box and the letter in the chest of drawers of her bedside table. Switching off the lamp, she went off to sleep.

Back at his place, Prof. Nicholas Blackthorne was still briefing his guests.
“So what do you plan to do, Professor?? Have a witch’s trial like the one of 1692??” said a well-built bald man. He was in his mid-twenties; brown eyes and round face.
“Exactly. There’s going to be a witch’s trial. Only this time, it wouldn’t be the Church doing it. But the very people of this town under our vigilance”
“I’m sorry, Professor but you want us to be some kind of vigilantes?” said one of the man and couldn’t help smiling at the idea.
“Do you know my friend, that many years ago some vigilantes like you and me... like us... help build our nation... The United States Of America?? If they can build a new nation, can’t we re-build this town??”
“Wait! What do you mean by rebuilding this town??”  asked the bald.
“Oh, Samuel. Because soon, this city would be burning down in flames... like a witch’s pyre. With the monsters in it. You know in olden days, when humans wanted to build a village by clearing the woods, they used to burn down the entire forest. The fire scared away the wild animals which found themselves a new habitat... a new forest leaving behind the burnt woods for the humans to build their homes. We are going to do a similar thing with Mystic Falls. The only difference is that when these animals start running away, we’ll hunt them down for good and wipe out their bloodlines forever”
“But Professor”, spoke a dark lady with black curly hair, “fire may scare away and probably kill witches, vampires and werewolves... but last time I checked, fire killed humans too?? The witch’s trials of 1692 killed a lot of innocent humans, especially women and children. If the same is about to be repeated now, then I would want no part in it. I’m just wondering, Nick... All this time, you hadn’t been planning on redemption. You had been planning on a war. But I hope you know that every war has casualties”
“Kelly, you call them casualties?? I call them collateral damage. A war is coming and the humans brought it on themselves. They have been compromised to the very core of their heart. The personnel in the police department, the founding families in the council... two-faced men are everywhere. In fact, I happen to know some of them by their faces” He walked a few steps and picked up a thick file from the table. He opened it. The very first page of it had a picture of Sheriff Elizabeth Forbes along with her personal details-address, occupation, etcetera.
“As long as we’re punishing the culprits and killing the monsters, I’ll help you, Nick. But the moment I find that the damage is more than collateral, you would find me siding with those supernatural beings on this war. You better keep this in mind... because I happen to love humans and unlike you, I don’t loathe witches”, Kelly replied boldly looking straight into Nicholas’ eyes. While Nicholas continued with his briefing, she walked to the corner of the hall and stood near a photograph hanging on the wall. She started staring at a photograph and soon her eyes were wet with old memories.
“Oh, Shiela. Don’t you worry! Your young sister is back in town. I won’t let anything happen to Bonnie. Just like you taught me, I will always protect my own

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Episode 14: “Be My Valentine?”

Previously on the Vampires in my Diaries 

Damon, Stefan, Elijah and Rebecca kill all the ten tribesmen from Haiti in order to save Elena.

Jeremy offers Katherine as a replacement for Elena in the ritual to lower the veil. Lucy links Katherine and Elena and uses them both for the spell.

The spell is completed and Bonnie and Qetsiyah walk into the land of the living. Xoro dies during the ritual. Something is wrong with Katherine as she chokes to death.

Welcome a new CHARACTER, PROFESSOR NICHOLAS BLACKTHORNE, assumed to be played by actor SEAN BEAN.

Now read further: Episode 14: “Be My Valentine?”

It was a bright sunny morning. The cool breeze outside was pouring love into the air. After all it was the Valentine’s Day. Elena was cuddling in Damon’s arms as they slept on the couch near the fireplace of the Salvatore residence.
“Did you miss me, Damon??” asked Elena.
“Of course I did. Did you... miss me??”
“You bet, I did. You know, Damon”, continued Elena, “until last night I was thinking how could Stefan do this to me?? To us?? I thought he had turned off his humanity again. I had no idea that it was Silas. While Stefan... he... he was suffering being locked up in that safe in the quarry.-”
“Ditto. Even I thought that the ripper 1.0 was back in action when he bled me dry and locked me up in the basement. Had it not been your baby bro Jeremy, I’d be all bones and no blood by now-”
“I don’t understand after all that Silas did to Stefan... did to us... how could he forgive him so easily??” wondered Elena.
“Yeah, I don’t understand it either. When I asked him the same question, I received a theatrical heroic dialogue in reply. So, Elena... please don’t bother asking him again-”
“I won’t. But, Damon I’m having problems adjusting to the fact that we’ve promised the two thousand year old Silas a peaceful death, knowing that he’s the one who’s been the cause of all our miseries-”
“And on top of that, we now have his two thousand year old girlfriend to deal with.. huh-”, scoffed Damon.
“Unless we don’t-” said Elena.
“Elena, what are you thinking??”
“Damon, don’t you think rather than granting Silas his peaceful-death wish, we shoul dhelp Qetsiyah avenge her old score??That way we can all be even-”
“Now that’s the Elena I like. But we have to keep this a secret. I think I have a plan-”, said Damon gently. Just then, Caroline filed in.
“Whatever secret plan you two have”, spoke Caroline solemnly, “I’m afraid you guys need drop it right now” Elena and Damon were taken aback.

The cops had gathered around the spot where the previous night an entire coven of witches had been wiped out by the well known vampires of Mystic Falls- Stefan, Damon, Rebecca and Elijah. The place had been cordoned off under Sheriff Forbes supervision.
“Get those bodies to the forensics. Inform me if something comes up-”Elizabeth Forbes ordered one of her inferior officers. Moving away from the crime spot, she then took out her cell phone and dialled a number.
“Damon, this is Elizabeth. I don’t know if I should thank you for the information or charge you with the mass-murder of eleven witches. You have to understand that it becomes practically impossible to cover-”, Elizabeth Forbes stopped as she saw a man standing right in front of her.
“Damon, I’ll call you back-”, she hung up.
“Excuse me, but this place is restricted. I can’t allow civilians here-”, she said to the stranger.  
“Sheriff Forbes, hi I’m Professor Nicholas Blackthorne. You could call me Nick. Well, do you know what happened here??” asked the man. The man was tall, with the body of an athlete. He had good looks, white hair, intelligent green eyes and a fair complexion.
“Look Professor Nick. We are still figuring out who are these people and what animal attacked them”
“You think this was an animal- attack?? Anyways, I guess I might help you with something here. I think I know who these people are-”, he said smilingly.
“So you know these people?? Who are.. I’m sorry, who were they??”
“Would you laugh if I say these were witches??”
Witches?? Professor Nick, I’m sorry but have you been drinking in the morning?? This is twenty first century where there are no witches and wizards. Anyways, jokes apart what did you say you were here for??”
“I teach occult at the Whitmore College. Research brought me to Mystic Falls. Myth says that this place is infested with all the supernatural creatures that go bumping in the night. Though my field of interest is just the witches
“And trust me, Professor it’s all myth only. Anyways, good luck finding your witches-”

Lucy, Bonnie and Bonnie’s father, mayor Rudy Hopkins were having their breakfast at the dining table.
“Lucy, thank you for coming. You can stay here as long as  you want. In fact, Bonnie’s going to love your company, wouldn’t you, Bonnie?”  Rudy asked Bonnie.
“Of course, dad-”, Bonnie replied smiling.
“Okay. You two have fun. I gotta go. Being the mayor of the town is a hard nut to crack”
“Oh, come on, Rudy. You are doing perfectly. Catch you at dinner”, said Lucy.
“Okay. Bye, Bonnie. And happy birthday once again”, said Rudy. He kissed Bonnie’s forehead and departed in haste.
“So, Bonnie... where’s Silas?” Lucy asked.
“Somewhere safe. Damon won’t tell me his exact location”
“Did you give him the cure??”
“I gave it to Stefan. I told him to give it to Silas”
“If he’s taken the cure, then we two are caught up in the crossfire between two of the most powerful witches that ever lived-”  
“i know. Thank you, Lucy”
“For what??”
“For everything”

“Caroline, you have planned a party tonight??” asked Elena.
“Yes, Elena. Why does that sound so strange to you??”
“Caroline, because we are not exactly in party-like environment right now”, added Damon.
“I know that right now, we’re stuck in the war between two witches. But we need to celebrate”
“Celebrate what??” asked Elena.
“Elena, there are so many reasons- we rescued you, Bonnie’s back and guys... today’s Valentine’s Day and also it’s Bonnie’s birthday”
“Oh, I completely forgot. So is Tyler coming??” Elena asked Caroline.
“I don’t know-“
“Is Klaus??” asked Damon.
“Huh... I... I don’t know that either, okay?? Now if all your investigations are over, would you two mind helping a girl out??”

Stefan was in his house when his cell-phone crackled to life. He picked it up.
“Yes, Bonnie. Where are you??” He said over the phone.
“Going to my own surprise birthday party. Are you coming?” Bonnie said from the other side.
“Yeah, I’ll be there or Caroline would kill me”, he smiled.
“Of course. Stefan, did you give Silas the cure?”
“Yes, he took the cure but even so we have to keep him away from Qetsiyah. Where’s Qetsiyah??”
“I have no idea. All she told me that she would contact me”

“Damon, where are you??” Elizabeth Forbes was speaking over the phone. She was in her office. Her tone was low, taking care that no one else could overhear her conversation.
“As a matter of fact, Liz. I’m at your house. Your daughter has thrown a grand V-Day party. Why?? Is everything fine??”
“Yes, Damon. I closed the file under the title ‘Animal-attack’ again. But, it’s getting tougher now.  With ten dead bodies, come hundred questions you know but that’s not why I called”
“Yes, Liz. Tell me, I’m all ears-”
“Today at the spot, I met a man called Professor Nicholas Blackthorne. He is a professor of occult at the Whitmore college but to me he seemed more than that. Damon, I don’t know but he somehow knew about those were witches from Haiti. I am digging about him, I’ll keep you posted if I find anything but I just want to say that you too keep your eyes and ears open”
“Of course. Thank you, Liz. I’ll look into this creepy professor. I hope he’s not a witch himself”

Damon and Elena were dancing at the Valentine’s ball party Stefan and Caroline watched them from distance. They were all dressed in black. Stefan and Caroline held a glass of champagne each. 
“So Caroline, Tyler ditched you or anything??” Stefan asked her.
“Sort of. He bailed on me to chase Klaus. As Elijah and Rebecca took Klaus back to New Orleans, I don’t see Tyler returning any soon”
“In other words, you’re single too. Welcome to the club. Cheers-”, the two of them smiled as they drank the toast.
“Speaking of singles, you know I was wondering if we should have invited Qetsiyah and Silas to this Valentine’s Day Ball?? After all they are the oldest couple in town. Oh, I’m sorry... Two oldest singles who were never a couple” Caroline giggled. Stefan joined her. But their smiles and giggles were short-lived.
“What the hell?? How did she come here??” Stefan was shocked to see Qetsiyah enter the hall. Her eyes were searching for familiar faces. It was when she caught a glimpse of Bonnie dancing with Jeremy. Qetsiyah swiftly moved to them.
“Caroline, what’s Qetsiyah doing in the party?”
“Stefan, I don’t know. I... I didn’t invite her, I swear. I didn’t even know how to reach her. How can I.... wait. Oh, my God. No, no-”  
“Caroline, what is it??”
“It was Elena and Damon. Earlier this morning, they were discussing about some secret plan concerning Silas”
“So if Qetsiyah’s here-”, Stefan left the sentence unfinished as his eyes fixed at the new guest who was now entering the hall.
“Silas. Oh my God, Silas is here too. Stefan, what do we do now??” Caroline and Stefan were taken aback at the sudden turn of events. The two of them now looked at Damon and Elena who were now looking back at them.
“Enjoy the party”, Damon lipsed the words and winked at Stefan.  

Joshua Garfield quietly entered his home. He walked to his bedroom; it was dark. He switched the lights on. He was terrified to find someone seated at his study table. All Joshua could see was his back.
“Who... who’s that?? I am calling 911”, Joshua warned. The man got up and turned to show his face.
“Professor Nicholas Blackthorne?? What are you doing here in Mystic Falls?”
“I’m here to right the wrong. I gave you one little job and you failed. Now, can you see why I hate witches??”  He grabbed his neck. Joshua’s breath began choking.
“Ni... Nicholas... Leave... leave me-”. He tried to free himself but Nicholas’ grip was very firm. Joshua’s pale face turned red as the blood accumulated all over his face. Nicholas freed him.
“Ugh... ahhhh”, Joshua began coughing.
“I.. I don’t understand. Why do you hate witches when you’re one of us?” Joshua asked bewildered.
“Don’t call me a witch. I loathe witches-”